The Steemhouse Story

In early summer of 2017, a fateful meeting occurred between username @rhondak and username @gmuxx in a Discord server spawned as a community of the blogging platform Steemit. An instant friendship formed, and as the Discord community grew, both @rhondak and @gmuxx became moderators and then fiction workshop leaders there. After a while, they moved the fiction workshop to its own Discord space, and before long, it was one of the most active communities on the Steem blockchain.

@rhondak, otherwise known as Rhonda Kay, is a seasoned author and editor with multiple novels in print under a pseudonym. In her years of experience, she had never seen such a diverse and richly talented group of writers as this one. Murmurings began about the community having all the skillsets necessary to operate as a real-world publishing entity, including authors, editors, marketing executives, attorneys, and graphic designers. From this, the idea of Steemhouse Publishing was born.

Today, Steemhouse Publishing, LLC., is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, U.S.A. All board members and staff are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and active in the Steem community. This is an international team, with representatives living in the U.S., Canada, England, France, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. Though they met online, all core team members now know each other face to face and travel as much as possible to keep the bonds of business partnership and friendship strong.

The Steemhouse Group intends to use all three aspects of its operation – publishing house, literary magazine, and online community – to provide resources and opportunities for authors that have never before been available. Work chosen for publication will be selected on the highest standard of quality, but even authors who are not yet ready for that step will still be welcomed and allowed to participate in the group. Through a mentoring system with trained editors, regular workshops, and peer review, writers of all skill levels will have a chance to hone their craft and produce highly publishable work suited for mainstream consumption.