“Ryan’s … prose is textured and lived-in, particularly when describing the settings and people of Randall County…on the whole, the author manages to move beyond crime novel clichés and expose the deeper ills of the society in which her tale is set.”  —–Kirkus Reviews
“High Kill is all the things you expect in a good mystery novel – and much, much more. It’s also a look at a major problem in Southwest Virginia – rampant animal abuse, often aided and sometimes committed by the very Animal Control Officers who are paid to investigate it. And a look at the heart of Appalachia, with its Mountain Mafia of corrupt local officials, poverty and drugs. The journalist heroine chasing a serial murderer runs smack into the nexus of animal and human abuse. Fast-paced and well-written, it echoes all-too-common headlines in today’s papers.”  –Terry Anderson, former war correspondent and hostage, author: Den of Lions                       
On Friday, April 26, 2019, High Kill enjoyed a soft launch in paperback and ebook form. Enthusiastic and encouraging response came from as far away as Europe as well as a very positive Kirkus review. We’re definitely pleased with the reception this novel has received!
In May, our executive team launched a U.S. tour of independent and small bookstores. We’ve been offering a promotional copy of High Kill to each one and have made some wonderful connections. Indie authors may frequently approach bookstores on their own behalf, but certainly not many publishers take this extra step. We want to be different. More involved. More personal. We want to restore the “grass roots” potential of small press and give talented but untested writers a chance to reach a market they might not otherwise have access to.
If you’re a bookstore owner or manager and would like a promotional copy of High Kill, please use our contact form to request one. The author, Diane Ryan, is also available for signings and other events. For orders through Ingram Spark, please search ISBN # 9781733604024.